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SUBJECT religions (belief systems, cultures)
REFERENCE ID 300073708
NOTES Belief systems that encompass various personal and institutional relationships between human beings and what they regard as holy, sacred, or divine, usually but not always a deity, or a spiritual or occult force. Participation in a religion is typically manifested in obedience, reverence, and worship, often including group activities and alliance with a leader. Elements of a religion or similar belief system include doctrine, ritual, defined parameters of morality, and a code of living, often seen as a means of achieving spiritual or material improvement.
HIERARCHY Associated Concepts Facet>Associated Concepts>religions (belief systems, cultures)
CHILDREN asceticism; bodhisattva; Buddhism; Christianity; Confucianism; dharma; Freemasonry (belief system); heaven; hell; Hinduism; Immaculate Conception; Islam; Jainism; Judaism; Mithraism; nirvana; Paradise (doctrinal concept); Shinto; Taoism

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