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SUBJECT Associated Concepts
REFERENCE ID 300055126
NOTES Not an available subject term. Associated Concepts hierarchy consists of descriptors for concepts and phenomena relating to a wide range of subjects, some of which are not within the primary scope of the AAT, such as philosophical concepts, but which affect subjects within that scope. Relation to Other Hierarchies: Descriptors for branches of learning and areas of specialization, as well as professions and professional specialties, (e.g., history) are found in the Disciplines hierarchy, while concepts associated with these disciplines (e.g., positivism) appear here. Descriptors for styles and for art and architecture movements (e.g., Neoclassical, Impressionist) are found in the Styles and Periods hierarchy, while forms of expression (e.g., abstraction) and broad categories of art and architecture which are not specific to a given people or period (e.g., organic architecture, street art) appear here.
HIERARCHY Associated Concepts Facet>Associated Concepts
CHILDREN abstraction; academic art; afterlife; allusion; appropriation; architectural theory; Art theory; artistic concepts; avant-garde; background; balance (composition concept); center of projection; classicism; commercial art; communal housing; composition (artistic arrangement); computer art; contrast; cyberspace; day (time of day); energy; energy conservation; energy resources; erotica; ethnicity; exoticism; fantastic architecture; fascism; folk art; gaze; Gesamtkunstwerk; green design; housing (concept); humor; iconoclasm; identity; illusionism; infinity; interactive art; irony; kitsch; language-related concepts; leisure; line (geometric concept); machine aesthetic; mass media; metaphor; multidisciplinary concepts; mythology (literary genre); narrative (artistic device); Nature; nudity; numbers; optical illusion; organic architecture; originality; outsider art; parody; pastoral; peace; personification; philosophical concepts; Picturesque, the; plan (formal concept); plane figures; political art; pollution; pose; precipitation; primitive hut; primitivism (artistic concept); projects (artistic concepts); propaganda; proportion; public art; race (concept); rationalism (architecture); ratios; realism (form of expression); religions (concept); rhythm; satire (artistic device); scale (relative size); shadows; social issues; social science concepts; social structure; solids (geometric); space utilization; spirals; standards (concepts); street art; sustainable architecture; technology; use; utopias; vernacular architecture

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