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SUBJECT Information Forms
REFERENCE ID 300026029
NOTES Information Forms hierarchy contains descriptors for textual, graphic, and physical items whose primary and original purpose is to record or convey specific information. Not considered to be within the scope of the AAT are titles of particular texts, such as the Koran, and names of individual typefaces, such as Bembo.
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Visual and Verbal Communication>Information Forms (Hierarchy Name)>Information Forms
CHILDREN advertisements; allegories (document genre); alphabet books; announcements; anthologies; articles; banners; Bible; Bibles moralisées; biographies; blueprints (reprographic copies); booklets; books; books of hours; breviaries; broadsides; brochures; burlesques; cards (information artifacts); cartographic materials; catalogs; certificates; charts (graphic documents); colophons; comics; competition entries; correspondence; declarations; decrees; devices (symbols); devotional literature; diagrams; diazotypes (copies); document genres; documentaries; flags; fliers (printed matter); forms (documents); globes (cartographic spheres); graphs; information form components; inscriptions; instructional materials; interviews; journals (accounts); Korans; laws (documents); literature (writings); manifestoes; manuscripts (document genre); marks (symbols); missals; notes; optical disks; orbs; packaging; pamphlets; papyri; photocopies; picture books; plays; poems; postcards; posters; prayer books; publications; records (documents); reference sources; scepters; scrolls (information artifacts); seals (artifacts); sheet music; signs (declatory or advertising artifacts); sketchbooks; songs; sound recordings; speeches; storyboards; surveys (documents); tables (documents); tablets; treatises; type specimens; video recordings; whiteprints

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