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SUBJECT architectural elements
REFERENCE ID 300000885
NOTES Forms, structural or decorative, developed originally or primarily as components of architecture, often adapted to other habitable spaces, such as in large vehicles, and often borrowed or imitated for structural or decorative use on other objects.
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Components>components (objects)>architectural elements
CHILDREN acroteria; altars; antefixes; arcades (structural assemblies); arches; architectural orders; archivolts; baptismal fonts; beams (structural elements); brackets (structural elements); cantilevers; ceilings; chancel screens; chimney pots; chimneys (architectural elements); ciboria (structures); collar beams; colonnades; corbels; cupolas; cymas; defensive walls; domes (architectural element); domes (dome components); eaves; entablatures; fireplaces; floors (surface elements); fortification elements; gables (architectural elements); iconostases; installations (exhibitions); lintels; lunettes; mandapas; membrane structures; mihrabs; muqarnas; niches; openings (architectural elements); outworks; pediments; pilasters; plate structures; pulpits; purlins; rafters; railings (balustrades); ramps; religious building fixtures; revetments; rood screens; roofs; scaenae; shell structures; shoji; stairs; steps; structural elements; structures (structural elements); surface element components; tensile structures; triglyphs; trusses; tympana; vaults (structural elements); walls

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