Subject Information

SUBJECT components (objects)
REFERENCE ID 300241583
NOTES Use for constituent parts of objects or structures.
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Components>components (objects)
CHILDREN additions (general components); adyta; alcoves; alterations; ambulatories; amphitheaters (rooms); annexes (building divisions); apartments; apses; architectural elements; assembly rooms; atriums (interior spaces); atriums (Roman halls); auditoriums; balconies; banquet halls; bathrooms; bedrooms; bindings (binding components); blades (tool and equipment components); bomb shelters; bosses; breakfast rooms; building divisions; burial chambers; cabinets (rooms); cafeterias; carports; caveae; cellae; cellars; chambers (assembly spaces); choirs (church spaces); circulation spaces; cisterns (plumbing components); classrooms; cloisters; closets (storage spaces); closures; conservatories (display spaces); costume components; courtyards; covers (gathered matter components); crepidomas; crossings (building spaces); crypts; decks (uncovered spaces); details (components); dining halls; dining rooms; drawing rooms; entrance halls; exedrae (interior spaces); fasteners; fibulae; finials; frigidaria; fronts (object components); galleries (display spaces); galleries (upper level spaces); garbhagrhas; halls; hardware (components); illustrations; intersections; iwans; joints (connections); kitchens; lavatories (rooms); leaves (gathered matter components); lecture halls; libraries (rooms); living rooms; lobbies; loggias; loops (components); naves; offices (work spaces); pages; pantries; parlors; passages (circulation spaces); patios; pavilions (building divisions); piping (plumbing system components); plumbing fixtures; porches; porticoes; predellas; presence chambers; pronaoi; reading rooms; reception rooms; rooftops; rooms; rotundas (interior spaces); roundels (circular panels); sacristies; salons; sanctuaries (religious building spaces); scriptoria; scripts (writing); shafts (spaces); showrooms; smoking rooms; solariums; stages (performance spaces); stairwells; steeples (building divisions); stoops (uncovered spaces); stories; street furniture; studios (work spaces); stylobates; system components; telephones; tepidaria; tesserae (mosaic components); text (layout feature); throne rooms; train sheds; transepts; treasuries; typefaces (type forms); ventilators; vestibules; warp; waterspouts; weft; workshops (work spaces)

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alcoves (with subject tree: Objects Facet>Components>components (objects)>alcoves)