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NOTES A Japanese school of esoteric and mystical Buddhism which was brought to Japan from China in 806 by Kukai. A key text of Shingon is Kukai's 'Jewel Key to the Store of Mysteries (Hizoboyaku)' in which spiritual attainment through Shingon is seen as fulfilling nine other spiritual paths found in Buddhism and other religions. The esoteric truth of Shingon is believed to be more fulfilling than the outward teachings of the historical Buddha. Shingon places importance on the Vairocana Buddha, the Buddha of infinite light, and on mandalas and other forms of sculpture and painting. Mantras, mudras, and rituals are also part of Shingon practice. There are over forty schools of Shingon in Japan today and aspects of Shingon have been adopted by other forms of Japanese Buddhism as well.
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