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SUBJECT Single Built Works
REFERENCE ID 300004789
NOTES Freestanding buildings and other structures commonly considered individual built works or architectural types. Single built works cover a range from complex buildings to minimal accessory structures.
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Built Environment>Single Built Works
CHILDREN agricultural buildings; amusement rides; animal housing; archives (buildings); assembly halls; basilicas; blast furnaces; burial mounds; caravanserais; ceremonial structures; city gates; commercial buildings; communications structures; community centers; concert halls; condominiums (built works); convention centers; correctional institutions; courts (built works); cultural centers; derelict buildings; dwellings; earthworks (engineering works); ekklesiasteria; energy efficient buildings; exhibition buildings; experimental buildings; floating buildings; follies; fortifications; funerary buildings; garden structures; gate structures; gatehouses; gopuras; graves; health facilities; hospices (public accomodations); hydraulic structures; industrial buildings; information centers (facilities); inns; institutional buildings; kiosks; libraries (buildings); megastructures; memorials; military buildings; mills (buildings); mimetic buildings; minarets; monuments; multistory buildings; office buildings; p'ai-lous; panopticons; performing art centers; pishtaqs; portable buildings; prang; propylaea; public accommodations; public buildings; pylons; quadrifrons; quonset huts; recreation buildings; religious buildings; research buildings; rock-cut architecture; rotundas (buildings); ruins; schools (buildings); sepulchral monuments; silos (agricultural structures); smithies; societies' buildings; solar buildings; steam baths; stoas; storage facilities; structures (single built works); temporary structures; theaters; tholoi; tombs; torii; towers (single built works); transportation buildings; underground structures; water distribution structures

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