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SUBJECT visual works (works)
REFERENCE ID 300191086
NOTES Works that are perceived by the sense of sight, especially those conveying a symbolic or expressive meaning or an aesthetic experience. Visual works include pictorial and sculptural works, as well as time-based works such as performance art. Visual works do not include the performing arts.
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Visual and Verbal Communication>Visual Works>visual works (works)
CHILDREN actions (works of art); altarpieces; anamorphoses; animations (visual works); axonometric projections (images); body art (visual works); calligraphy (visual works); caricatures; cartoons (humorous images); cityscapes (visual works); collages (visual works); copy art; crosses (visual works); cutaways (images); devotional images; dioramas; diptychs; drawings (visual works); electronic images; emblems (allegorical pictures); enamels (visual works); environmental art; figures (representations); genre; graffiti; happenings; history paintings; idols; installations (visual works); intarsias; landscapes (representations); light art; lingams; living sculpture; maestą; mail art; medals; models (representations); montages (visual works); mosaics (visual works); motion pictures (visual works); moving images; multimedia works; murals (any medium); needlework (visual works); orthographic projections (images); paintings (visual works); panoramas; pastels (visual works); performance art; perspective views; petroglyphs; photographs; photomechanical prints; polyptychs; portraits; prints (visual works); projections; projections (visual works); reconstructions; rubbings; sculpture (visual work); seascapes; shellwork; shunga (visual works); silhouettes; site-specific works; sketches; sound sculpture; stained glass (visual works); stencils (images); still lifes; studies (visual works); symbols; tankas (scrolls or banners); tattoos; transparencies; triptychs; video art; views (visual works); works on paper; yonis

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