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SUBJECT equipment
ALTERNATE applied arts
REFERENCE ID 300122241
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Furnishings and Equipment>Tools and Equipment>equipment
CHILDREN animal equipment; appliances; artists' brushes; axes (tools); braziers (heating equipment); brush washers; calenders; chisels; colanders; computers; construction equipment; culinary mills; cutlery; erasers; etching needles; flatware; graters; image-making equipment; inkstones; irons; jukeboxes; kilns; ladles; lathes; looms; machinery; machines; mannequins (costume equipment); manos (food mills); metal points; meteorological instruments; mills (equipment); molds (shaping tools); motors; palettes (painting equipment); parachutes (life-saving equipment); pencils (drawing and writing equipment); pens (drawing and writing); personal equipment; photographic equipment ; place forks; place knives; printing blocks; pulleys; restraining equipment; scissors ; sieves; stamps (tools); stoves (heating equipment); stretchers (framing and mounting equipment); tableware; tools; woodworking equipment

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