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SUBJECT robes (main garments)
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NOTES Long, loose garments, which tend to be of one piece and to open down the front, cut with flowing lines; worn for ordinary wear by men and women during the Middle Ages and until the modern period, especially in Asian and African countries. Also, similar garments often of elegant style worn for ceremonial or official occasions or as a symbol of office or profession. Also, term used generally from the 18th century through the early 20th century for fashionable women's dress of varying form. Prefer "gowns" for women's dresses of varying form, originally closed with a semi-fitted bodice, and which usually have a long, flowing skirt. For loose-fitting garments of varying length, often wraparound and tied with a belt, worn before or after bathing or informally around the house use "bathrobes."
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Furnishings and Equipment>Costume>costume (mode of fashion)>main garments>robes (main garments)

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