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SUBJECT events
REFERENCE ID 300069084
NOTES Occurrences taking place during a particular interval of time. The term is much broader in meaning than the scope of the facet also called "Events." While the facet includes only terms referring to general events, the actual term "events" may be used to index these as well as specific named events.
HIERARCHY Activities Facet>Events>events
CHILDREN broadcasts; ceremonies; contests; exhibitions (events); explosions; fires (events); markets (events); meetings; miracles; parades; performances (creative events); political events; presentations (communicative events); retreats (events)

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exhibitions (events) (with subject tree: Activities Facet>Events>events>exhibitions (events))

Events (with subject tree: Activities Facet>Events)

rituals (events) (with subject tree: Activities Facet>Events>rituals (events))