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SUBJECT Design Elements
REFERENCE ID 300123558
NOTES The Design Elements hierarchy contains descriptors for conventionalized and recurring shapes and arrangements of forms used in the design of many types of object and their ornament. These may be two-dimensional such as painted zigzags, in relief such as carved rosettes, or may refer to the shape of discrete objects, such as Celtic crosses sculpted in stone.Relation to Other Hierarchies: Descriptors for certain attributes related to shape or position are in the Attributes and Properties hierarchy (e.g.g., convex, concentric). Three-dimensional ornamental components of structures and other objects are found in the Components hierarchy (e.g., finials).
HIERARCHY Physical Attributes Facet>Design Elements
CHILDREN applied decoration; design elements (attributes); filigree; medallions (ornament areas); motifs; openwork; patterns (design elements)

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