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SUBJECT Processes and Techniques
REFERENCE ID 300053001
NOTES The Processes and Techniques hierarchy contains descriptors for actions and methods performed physically on or with materials and objects, and for processes occurring in materials and objects. Included are types of process or technique pertaining to the production and handling of objects or images (e.g., assembling) or of substances (e.g., mixing) or relevant to the manipulation and processing of specific materials (e.g., soldering). Also included are descriptors for processes that occur in substances, artifacts, or other objects, sometimes initiated intentionally and sometimes occurring spontaneously (e.g., burning).
HIERARCHY Processes and Techniques
CHILDREN assembling; destruction; excavation (process); foreshortening; forming; Kodachrome (TM); painting techniques; perspective (technique); photography; remodeling; renovation; sgraffito (technique); shading; site analysis; woodworking; writing (processes)

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