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SUBJECT houses
REFERENCE ID 300005433
NOTES Individual dwellings designed to be occupied by a single tenant or family. May also refer to a building for human occupation, for some purpose other than that of an ordinary dwelling; with this usage, "house" is generally prefaced (e.g., "cowhouse," "almshouse").
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Built Environment>Single Built Works>dwellings>houses
CHILDREN A-frame houses; beach houses; beehive houses; bungalows; cabins (houses); cave dwellings; chalets; cliff dwellings; cottages; country houses; courtyard houses; domus; double-pen houses; earth lodges; garrison houses; hogans; igloos; lodges (temporary residences); log cabins (houses); log houses; manor houses; mansions; megarons; model houses; official residences; owner-built houses; parsonages; pit dwellings; plantation houses; ranch houses; row houses; rural houses; saltbox houses; seasonal dwellings; shotgun houses; slave quarters; solar houses; split-level houses; stilt houses; suburban houses; tower houses; town houses; tract houses; Usonian houses; wickiups; wigwams

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