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NOTES The People hierarchy contains descriptors for individual people and for groups of people that do not constitute organizations. Included are people defined by occupations or activities they pursue, such as conservators, by biological or social roles such as parents, and by other characteristics such as adherence to a particular belief (e.g., pacifists) or social or physical condition (e.g., homeless persons). Also included are descriptors for groups of people defined by activity ( e.g., steel bands) and social, mental, or physical condition (e.g., poor).Relation to Other Hierarchies: Descriptors for organized groups of people (e.g., associations, nations) are found in the Organizations hierarchy. Descriptors for branches of learning, areas of specialization, and professional fields are found in the Disciplines hierarchy (e.g., mathematics, zoning law, museology).
HIERARCHY Agents Facet>People
CHILDREN architects; clergy; musicians; mystics; painters (artists); people (agents); philosophers; social scientists

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