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SUBJECT Attributes and Properties
REFERENCE ID 300123559
NOTES The Attributes and Properties hierarchy contains descriptors for inherent characteristics, especially physical characteristics of materials and objects. Excluded are descriptors for colors and color properties, which are found in the separate Color hierarchy. In common usage, the distinction between which characteristics may be called "attributes" and which "properties" is not always clear, thus a separation between the two has not always been made in the hierarchy. As a general guideline, "attributes" refers to characteristics of individual objects, items, or entities, and the descriptors are mostly used to describe the thing; they often are readily apparent, though not quantifiable by an established standard. "Properties" refers here to characteristics that suggest how a material, or sometimes a grouping of things, will respond under certain conditions; they often are quantifiable, though often are not apparent without examination or testing.
HIERARCHY Physical Attributes Facet>Attributes and Properties
CHILDREN 16mm (photographic film size); 8mm (photographic film size); dipteral; folding (attribute); form attributes; Greek cross plan; handmade; hollow (form attribute); inflatable; Latin cross-plan; miniature (size attribute); optical properties; organic; peripteral; shape (form attribute)

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