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SUBJECT Object Genres
REFERENCE ID 300185711
NOTES Object Genres hierarchy contains descriptors that are common to various contexts and may apply to more than one of the other hierarchies in the Objects facet. For example, the descriptor "reproductions", which appears here, may be applied to many object types, from "doorknobs", which is in the Components hierarchy, to "altarpieces", which appears in the Visual Works hierarchy. Also included are descriptors for broad classes of objects or images to which specific object types, which are found in other hierarchies, may or may not belong depending on the particular context.
HIERARCHY Objects Facet>Object Genres
CHILDREN accessories; beads (pierced objects); ceremonial objects; copies (derivative objects); divination objects; fragments; grave goods; lacquerware; metalwork; object genres; paperwork (visual works); plaques (flat objects); prototypes (object genre); textiles; tubes (object forms)

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Object Genres (with subject tree: Objects Facet>Object Genres)

reproductions (with subject tree: Objects Facet>Object Genres>copies (derivative objects)>reproductions)